Dear members and friends of All Saints,

As many of you know, this past weekend we held our 2018 Vestry Retreat, facilitated by Ven. Scott Seeley, the canon archdeacon for church planting and mission for our diocese.

In the first half of the day, Fr. Scott presented some basic principles of discipleship and leadership growth to all of the ministry leaders that could be in attendance. We talked about the process for taking someone from being new in a given ministry to building them into a leader. We look forward to seeing these principles in action in our various ministries over coming months and years.

In the second half of the day, Fr. Scott led the Vestry and Clergy in developing a big-picture five-year vision, based in large part on the input from the congregation from the surveys we sent out to the congregation in December and January. This vision covers three broad areas, with five broad goals over the next five years. These goals are not presented in any particular order:

  1. Up – our worship life and relationship to God.
    1. Revitalization of the prayer ministry
    2. Local Anglican connections for worship
    3. A variety of worship services
    4. Expanding lay participation in worship
    5. A commitment to the rhythms of the Daily Offices
  2. In – our life as relates to each other; building up the body of Christ
    1. Increased communications
    2. Investment in Nursery, Children, and Youth Ministries
    3. More fellowship opportunities
    4. Christian education variety
    5. Parish family care and cultivating
  3. Out – our life as relates to outsiders; outreach and evangelism
    1. Involvement, awareness, and support of World Missions
    2. Partnering with local ministries
    3. Local neighborhood outreach
    4. “Front porch” ministries to the un-churched
    5. Targeted advertising

As you can see, these are big goals, but I really feel we heard from the Lord and were guided by him in this process, especially as there was overwhelming consensus over the above goals, both from the surveys and among the parish leadership.

Over the next few months, we will develop some specific strategies for each year of the five-year-vision. Please keep us in prayer, and please give us prayerful suggestions and feedback. Additionally, vestry meetings are on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 6pm, and are always open. The best way to give feedback or to get on the Vestry agenda is to send the Wardens or I written communication either via email or on paper in our boxes at the office. The office is open 12-5 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Our emails are below:

  • Fr. Isaac Rehberg, Rector:
  • Carter Dreesman, Senior Warden:
  • Steven McCullough, Junior Warden:

I’m looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do in our parish over the next few years! Remember always our mission: to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ through Word, Sacrament, and transcendent worship for strengthening of the Church and salvation of souls.

In Christ and His Service,

The Rev. Canon Isaac J. Rehberg
Rector, All Saints Anglican Church

P.S. As outreach has been our biggest historical challenge, I am very pleased to tell you that some opportunities have already arisen that cover each of the above Out goals. We will keep you posted with developments and details.



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