August 1, 2020

Anglican Diocese of the West2020 SYNOD: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23- SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24 BY ZOOM. 
The good news of the unsearchable riches of Christ which Paul preached is that he died and rose again not only to save sinners like me (though he did), but also to create a single new humanity; not only to redeem us from sin but also to adopt us into God’s family; not only to reconcile us to God but also to reconcile us to one another. Thus the church is an integral part of the gospel. The gospel is good news of a new society as well as of a new life.” – Dr John Stott
Our Diocesan Synod this year will be held on October 23-24 by ZOOM due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. We begin on Friday October 23rd evening at 7PM Central Standard Time(CST) with the Bishop’s Address and finish at 4PM CST on Saturday October 24th. You will receive information on how to log in early in October. Our Suffragan Bishop Scott Seely will help me organize the Synod this year. He will also be communicating with you on my behalf.
Our Bible teacher this year will be Venerable Michael Kelshaw, Rector of Trinity-at-the-Market Place in Albuquerque, NM and Regional Archedeacon for New Mexico and West Texas.
The theme of our Synod is Nurturing the Church and the Family For Mission. The Speakers will be Bishop Felix Orji, Suffragan Bishop Celestine Ironna, Suffragan Bishop Scott Seely, and
Venerable Dr Myles Calvin guiding a panel discussion on “Caring For the Family“ from a medical and psychological angle.
I expect all clergy to attend this ZOOM 2020 Synod, unless one has an unavoidable necessity. Make sure you write to the Diocesan Bishop explaining the reason for your absence in order to receive permission to be absent. Each congregation should have 2 lay delegates in attendance for voting purposes.  However any member of our Diocese who wishes to attend is very welcome and strongly encouraged to attend the Synod.
There is NO registration fee but all Official delegates must complete the Registration Form below and email it to the Executive Archdeacon of the Diocese, Venerable Canon Dr Myles Calvin at : or text him with any questions at (915) 383-4422.
Here is the Registration information we need from each candidate:
ANGLICAN DIOCESE of THE WEST 2020 Synod Registration Form
First Name:
Last Name:
Name of Church:
Church Address:
State & Zip Code:
Cell Phone:
Email Address:
During our Synod we will also elect two people – one clergy and one lay person – to the Diocesan Board. If you have any nominations, please forward the name to Venerable Dr. Myles Calvin at or (915) 383-4422. You must submit your nominations by September 1st with a testimony of their conversion to Christ and ministry involvement/activity at their present church.
The peace of the Lord be with you all!

Warm regards,

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Felix Orji, OSB, DD.
Diocesan Bishop | Anglican Diocese of the West
Holy Trinity Cathedral Church
15150 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, Texas, 77083

We are justified by faith alone, but not by a faith that is alone. True faith always yields the fruit of obedience to one degree or another.” – Dr. R. C. Sproul 

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