We conclude our discussion of the Ordinal and wrap up the Basics of the BCP Series

Week 1: History and a Bird’s-Eye View
Week 2: Morning Prayer
Week 3: Evening Prayer, Family Prayer, and the Great Litany
Week 4: Holy Communion and Regula
Week 5: The Propers
Week 6: Feasting, Fasting, and Propers Case Studies
Week 7: The Sacrament of Baptism
Week 8: The Rite of Confirmation
Week 9: The Solemnization of Marriage
Week 10: The Churching of Women
Week 11: Visitation and Communion of the Sick
Week 12: Burial of the Dead Part 1
Week 13: Burial of the Dead Part 2
Week 14: The Ordinal Part 1

  1. December 4, 2020

    I enjoyed listening to this session. I am sorry I missed last Wednesday. It did stand out to me something that Pam alluded to and that is that the consecration is in a way just a public recognition of what God has indicated in the life of the indicated individual. The other thing I noticed is the importance of sympathy for the poor and needy. I thought about the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. One final question that came to mind is if the Anglican Church has ever had cardinals like the Catholic Church. See you next Wednesday.

    • December 4, 2020

      Good observations, Randy! The Anglican Communion has not ever had Cardinals, because the main job of a Cardinal is to elect the Pope.

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